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screed leveling system

Revolutionary new Screed system designed to achieve ultra flat and level floors. Levelcrete is now able to achieve perfection in a more timely fashion. Able to do a room up to 16’x21’ in one pass without having to move and reset the system. We can transfer elevations around the site to keep a perfect level. On larger open slabs Levelcrete can set our laser and screed machine on a slight slope to change the grade if needed to help give an ultra perfect flat slab on the slightest grade difference. This helps contractors save on material needed. There is no other way that compares to this sub floor leveling technique!

This screed uses ultra glide rails with ultra glide bearings. It floats on air. The screed can be setup in a range of sizes (8’x32” to 16’x 21’) and anything in between.

  concrete leveling


concrete leveling vancouver
The fastest and easiest way to level concrete is by pouring of self-leveling cement underlayments or an overlayment system that forms a solid bond over existing concrete slabs, wood subfloors and even tile. There are certain types of primer to be used on different surfaces prior to leveling floors.

If the timeline allows 28 days for curing, certain slabs that are too far out of level or is weak can be removed and replaced with a new slab. The new slab will have the sub-grade prepped properly and would be placed and finished.

We can turn existing concrete floor slabs into polished floors. When working with very old existing concrete floors there are some circumstances where too many imperfections are present. This problem is typically quickly resolved with a proper application of concrete leveling system that is applied from 1/8 to 2" thickness pending on the purpose and height requirements for the new leveled concrete floor.

After the pouring of self-leveling topping cement, the newly leveled concrete floor is almost perfectly smooth, extremely durable, and ready for either processing into a diamond polished concrete, or other types of concrete floor finishes such as concrete staining, or a high gloss 100% epoxy floor finish.

Self-leveling cement is frequently poured prior to installing hard wood flooring, laminate, ceramic tile, or whenever a perfectly smooth, flat concrete floor finish is required installs various types of self-leveling concrete overlay systems designed for specific applications for any commercial or residential floor requirements.

A self-leveling concrete overlay can be integrally colored or topically after it has fully cured with either acid stains, water based stains. For the most part, a self leveling concrete overlay is not used as the final finish, but rather to cover up inadequate existing flooring or to create a new canvas for decorative concrete finish.
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concrete primers
Before any surface has a leveling coat applied they first need the application of a surface primer, typically an acrylic based primer. Acrylic based primers are usually water based and adhere well to the concrete’s porous surface but other primers such as Polyurethanes and Epoxies are available but their use is dependent on the type of finishing material being applied to the concrete.

We use the right primer for the right material.
  concrete primers


moisture control
Moisture issues are the number one complaint when it comes to concrete problems. Depending on the age of the home or building, the moisture problem can be caused by drain tile issues, incorrect preparation of the sub-grade (either material or workmanship) and settling of the building. You will know right away if you have an issue as the moisture can cause staining or swelling of floor coverings, a dank, musty odour or, in extreme cases, a pooling of water in low spots.

Epoxy seal
For moisture problems where the concrete exhibits Moisture Vapour Emission Rates (MVER’s) up to 20 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. (9,07 kg per 92,9 m²) per 24 hours can be controlled by installing an Epoxy based moisture barrier to the existing slab. A properly applied epoxy barrier reduces transmission rates to less than 3 lbs. (1,36 kg). The best product for this is Planiseal EMB, a high performance 100% Solids Two Part Epoxy designed for a single coat application. Planiseal EMB is formulated to penetrate into the concrete substrate and to create a solid film layer on the surface for a strong uniform seal. It is the ultimate in moisture transmission reduction.
  moisture control


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